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Soul is Tech.
 “Incredible technology that allows you to adapt your look when and where you want.”
“Technology is increasing our capacities and providing us with newly sophisticated ways of thinking. It’s taking stuff we had to do consciously and slowly and making it happen fast and automatically.”


Behind the H

There was something really special about being a part of the HydraInk team. We were different, tenacious and passionate. It’s that little something you hear in our voice and saw in our smile. It’s loyalty that defies logic and energy that defies reason. All of this is part of our day. We don’t sign on for this. It just happens.
There was something wonderfully different about this brand.
Somehow it’s bigger, even than the top brands. It’s a feeling that is hard to explain.
Breathtaking, unique and captivating at the same time. It always leaves you wanting more and adding that next point to your impossible things to do list.
HYDRAINK isn’t just a brand, a logo or a product. It lives. It breathes. It speaks to you. Because it’s me. It’s you. It’s the girl next door. It’s where you get away. To find yourself. It’s the Beauty. It’s the Soul. It’s that amazing truth that no matter where you’re from when you join us, you’re a trailblazer. It’s why there’s always another reason to never stop.



Hydraink - an Italian beauty-tech start-up - were in the early rounds of fundraising seed-capital for which they needed a strong impactful brand strategy, solid concept and media plan with which to allure and impress potential suitors and global investors.
Working with an eclectic team, I conceived and wrote the foundational brand strategy from which I derived the logo and brand guidelines/brand-book.
From these assets we constructed the integrated investor focused B2B communications campaign, together with the requisite B2C campaign for the imminent commercial launch to the hugely competitive beauty sector.


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