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The Global Art Direction.
".. Because what we build, and every decision we make is born from a simple optimism, that innovation must move people forward, that connectivity has to empower everyone. And your phone, like life, should just keep getting better."



HMD (HMD Global Oy) required a new Art Direction (AD) that was simple and easy to apply across all Nokia markets, from South America to India, that solved the problem of consistency of the visual brand worldwide. An AD colourful, but elegant and premium as Nokia brand; an AD which leave the possibilities to use photos in colour and in black and white, to use just the pic of phone, and to use with just the copy in a minimal flat layout. Overall, the new AD had to consistency also for all channel: social, retail and media.


The New Global Art Direction

With my team, I designed the new Global Art Direction for 2019 - a simple but strong combination of two squares, one to highlight the headline and the smaller one for the name of the phone. The big square for the headline needed to emphasise the message, standing out with the multi brilliance of Nokia's colour palette. And the name of the product was always set in white over a blu Nokia strip. This minimal combination is easy to use for any layout and purpose, from social to OOH formats. The flexible size, facilitates adaptation of the copy in any language; easy for all markets, especially where the requisite translation is longer and needing more space. The box combination permits besides to embellish the layout without any photos, but only using the pic of the phone.

The Mobile Word Congress 2019

I was also tasked with the Art Direction for the photoshoot for the Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona. Working with the renowned and outstanding photographer, Celia Peterson, I directed the photoshoot in Cape Town, South Africa. The elements of the shoot were then used for the OOH and all communications for the MWC event.

Upon successful approval and delighting the client and stakeholders with our new Art Direction I was then commissioned to apply to HMD Nokia's exhibition presence at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona February 2020, but sadly cancelled at the 11th hour due to the growing global Covid-19 crisis.


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