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Campaign for the new G Series phones
G11 & G21
Support for years and battery for days 

G11 & G21

There’s nothing like enjoying great family moments together. G11 is a phone that can power up – and power you through – all your everyday entertainment, ensuring you never miss a thing. With fast and efficient performance, 3-day battery life and a bigger, more fluid screen, you will be able to watch back all the family fun for even longer and in even more stunning detail. There’s also a triple-lens camera so you can take great family photos – day or night. And to keep those moments just for you –it comes with 2x more security updates than competition, a fingerprint and face unlock, and you also get a 30-day trial of ExpressVPN – so everything is safely locked away – for your eyes only.

Life is meant to be enjoyed and G21 great features makes it easy. Let G21 do the hard work for you – a 50MP Camera with AI imaging helps you capture professional looking photos, whatever the lighting conditions. 3-days of battery life to enjoy everything for longer, and a big fluid screen that’s easier on the eyes. And because security has never been more important, we’ve included everything to keep your phone and data safe – 2x more security updates than the competition, a fingerprint and face unlock and a 30-day trial of ExpressVPN. It’s also built tough with a polycarbonate shell. So, this easy to use phone, is even harder to crack – literally.  


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