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The big digital transformation of Poste Italiane

Poste Italiane is the Italian postal service provider. Besides providing postal services, Gruppo Poste Italiane offers integrated communication, postal savings products, logistics, financial and insurance services throughout Italy.
This posed an exciting challenge for me and UX and UI team. 
As a postal service provider their target audience was everyone - from young account holders, to the elderly who use the postal service for their finances, pensions and savings. An initial intensive phase of research work was required to help understand how Poste Italiane can continue to provide their services, more easily, intuitively and more quickly through all their digital channels.
Leading these teams, we designed new architectures for their web and mobile sites, and for all their applications; refreshing the UI, we followed the strict brand guidelines of Poste Italiane.
With Marco Grandinetti, motion designer, we also created this B2B corporate video to explain how this huge digital transformation was being undertaken.


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