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The first smartphones under the original HMD line are HMD Pulse Pro, HMD Pulse+, and HMD Pulse.  
The HMD Pulse collection sets the tone for HMD’s original line: clean lines, calm tones, modern aesthetics, elegant repairability and bold, brazen design at an accessible price.  
 Each device in the new HMD Pulse range is built to be repairable; HMD calls it ‘Gen 1 repairability’, empowering owners to replace a damaged display, bent charging port, or depleted battery without an engineering degree. Users can pick up a self-repair kit in partnership with iFixit,
This commitment to repairability caters to the younger generation’s desire for self-repair and aligns with a growing trend in consumer purchase habits. New research from HMD reveals that 41% of Gen Z would be more likely to purchase an electrical device if they could repair it at home. HMD predicts that three out of every four devices it sells in Europe in 2024 will be repairable, up from one in three in 2023, demonstrating a significant shift in consumer preferences. 


HMD Creative Direction 2024

Our design is about lifting everyday people to extraordinary heights, thrusting them into worlds of endless potential that break the mould and stand out.

And like our products, which will sparkle in a sea of sameness, we offer consumers cutting-edge technology with top-notch features.
These innovations don't just make a splash—they make a real difference for people, partners, and the planet.

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