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Creating something simple, something worthwhile, something for everybody, helps to find what’s around us, receive recommendations, and quickly compare whenever and wherever

UENI's mission is to be the largest and most up-to-date search platform for local services. It wants to give these businesses a digital presence in today’s connected world and enable people to search, compare and book services nearby easily.
Collaborating with the marketing team, I designed the logo and created the brand guidelines; leading the design team, we made the UI / UX for B2C and B2B web platforms and mobile apps and designed all assets to support marketing activations and campaigns. 


The logo

Thinking of the help, support and relationship between product and user, I worked with the U and the I: the strip below the U as the letter I (me/we), representing the brand, the company, the product who supports, helps and suggests the U, as the User.
The minimalist style efficiently makes clear that UENI is something that can be used by all people and that is quite simple at its core. Although our product puts a large amount of content in the hands of our users, the visual simplicity ensures that this is a well-managed and easy experience. The strong lines emphasise that we are in control, but the black & white colours provides the perfect canvas for the user's customisation and his or her unique experience.

With the marketing and design team, we created B2B recruitment campaigns for small business to join the UENI platform and B2C campaigns and promotion for end users.
We made dedicated campaigns for each categories combining different colours for each one, (gym, hairdresser, spa) with the UENI logo.
For the new small business we provided consulting for marketing and promotion creating promotional collateral and a customised welcome pack.


The mobile App

Easily find and book the cheapest, nearest, or best service.

Founded by Harvard graduates, UENI was a fast growing startup creating a marketplace where users can discover, book and review local services and local businesses can reach thousands of new customers.
UENI is constantly expanding the content on the platform to make it the definitive search and booking engine for all the services user needs, near them. The challenge everyday was to make UENI dense with content.
Collecting and indexing business information to make it searchable on the platform. Using computer learning the platform becomes more intelligent to automate recognition of unique offerings through association. In addition to the UENI marketplace, they have industrialised the app-making process by producing customisable, white-label apps for partners. The software generates analytics that assess customer behaviour, allowing clients to steer the business decisions and run their business with increased efficiency.

The Walkers

A massive group of walkers walking out and about in all cities helped UENI
team to discover the small businesses and promote the platform.
We created a tool to help the walkers to collect data and recording the small businesses needs.
These tools had a simple and clear interface fulfilling walker's request for an app quick, easy and secure where insert all info.

Free Partner App

UENI provides a free mobile app to partners, enabling their users to discover, book and pay for services through this app.
With the UI designer team, we create the customisable white-label apps for partner, adapting to the new layout and UX of UENI app to the partner's brand.
We also provided, visual communications and advertising services to the partner, to promote the app.

B2B Platform

UENI enables its customers, for the first time, to search and compare services across businesses. Connects customers with businesses and giving businesses tools to keep their data current. It created an ecosystem of information that remains useful because people use it and keep it fresh.
With the development team, we created a simple SaaS platform for small business where they can design the website, manage bookings and offers, updating the client's data.
Thinking of this particular target audience, we kept an easy intuitive experience, using the infographic style to better explain all path and platform's functions.


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