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Science of self-expression
Campaign 2021


There's no greater gift you can give yourseld than the time to observe. Learn and heal all that holds you back, everything that prevents you from being who you truly are. Now is the time to renew your normal. Whatver you aim, it's time to change, this is your time. The Hyaluronic Acid is naturally in our body, from the begining. And naturally with the age going to lose it. Adn naturally we just fill up again. Thanks to the new platform, Teoxane takes the client step by step to discover the new vision, desires, telling about the most innovative technology, the science and the research behind the products. Then tailor the best treatment to clients needs.


I leaded the campaign, from the message to the shooting; with the team, I created the visual, the UX and the UI for the new platform; the scripts for the films, production and created all campaign assets.

Joanna needs to be the best version of herself – she can’t afford to be off her game for even a second. Her body is unique, so she deserves a solution to match.

At her job, Olivia is confident she knows what she’s doing. But while she’s great
at taking care of others, when it comes to taking care of herself, she’s not so generous.

Matt noticed some changes in the way he looked
and was beginning to lose confidence in his appearance.

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